Wednesday 29 November 2023
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2015 Poker Run

Relics & Rods Poker Run
June 12, 2016
The Poker was great fun for those who attended. We met at Ace
Hardware and everyone purchased their poker hands.PR 1
As you can see Janina is ready to get started. From here the group
headed south to the Parker Dam and stopped on the launch ramp road.

PR 2
And what a view we had. The second poker card was picked at this stop.

PR 3

From here we headed down river on the California side to the next stop at
the Emerald Cove RV Resort.

PR 5
We had some others that wanted to join us.

6 7
The next stop was at the Terribles Station in Parker where everyone drew
their 4th card.

PR 8
From here we headed to the Big River Park and on the way a few of us got
lost and took a while to arrive. It was hot and windy but we still enjoyed
the day. AT the Big Water Park everyone drew their last card and winners
were announced after we all relaxed in the air conditioned room and
enjoyed the great food.

PR 9
We even had an unexpected quest.

PR 10
The winner of the worst poker hand was Ron Duenas whose highest card
was a 10 and won $50.00. The winner of the best poker hand was Bob
Wysocki who had 3 Aces and won $95.00. A drawing was held for
giveaway prizes from Wienerschnitzel, Yogurt Paradise, Chic’s Tacos,
Quality Inn and the Blue Water Casino. I won’t mention that all the prizes
were won by the people at just one table.
The park had a great view with the river rushing by.

PR 11
Thank You every one who went on the poker run and shared in the fun